Nutrition, health and well-being

We operate programs that contribute to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of vulnerable people; we have designed different processes for the diagnosis and improvement of eating habits and lifestyles, based on nationally accepted standards and validating each stage of the process with vulnerable populations from different regions of the country. We currently have valuable experiences in operating the projects of recognized multinational organizations that are pioneers in social investment for nutrition, health, hygiene and self-esteem programs.

Good Health and
Zero hunger

Our action fronts

Prevention and promotion programs

Do you work for the promotion of healthy habits and lifestyles?


Diagnosis of healthy habits:

We develop activities specially designed to raise real information about the lifestyles and eating habits of the beneficiary group. We ensure a reliable diagnosis to understand the current state of the community around its health and nutrition, facilitating the implementation of 100% successful improvement strategies.

Feeding in the different stages of life

We empower beneficiaries in the consumption of healthy food and adequate diets for each household member, using the standards of food guides for the Colombian Family. During several days, we taught the different groups of foods, their properties, nutritional contribution and the recommended amounts that ensure nutritious menus for the whole family.

Let's work together for education for a healthy life!


Let us work together to promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being of vulnerable populations!


Behavioral Disorders

We develop programs to prevent and overcome eating disorders through play and pedagogical activities that promote self-care, hygiene, health, self-esteem and positive attitudes towards individual and family adversities.