Social and environmental projects

Co-creation and operation

We offer the alternative of totally or partially outsourcing the operation, logistics and follow-up of the social and environmental projects that lead organizations and their managers, so that they can focus much more on strategic processes and on the assurance of social and / or environmental impact wanted. We have developed a model of operation of outsourced processes for social projects, whose objective is to maximize the results of our client's impact strategy; we basically unite the best of two worlds: the BPO model for the outsourcing of private sector business processes, along with the social impact measurement model based on the theory of change. In this way we ensure your project, greater coverage, flexibility, cost efficiency, greater impact and consequently an optimal return on social investment.

Benefits of outsourcing the operation with PactoPlaneta

Continuous improvement

It concentrates the investments of your organization in improving its strategy of impact, that we invest in improving its operation. We allocate 30% of our annual revenues in the continuous improvement plan for the operation.

Your projects without borders

Execute your impact strategy in 17 departments of Colombia where we currently have coverage. The geographical location of your project is a logistical problem; the impact you generate is a strategic issue.

Less fixed costs

Multiply the return on social investment by achieving savings of up to 40%, by reducing logistics costs, operating processes, monitoring and reporting processes, coverage, human capital, among others.

Greater impact

Achieve greater depth and magnitude of impact leveraging the operation and logistics of your project with us. You can expand the number of beneficiaries, reach and location of the project in very competitive times and without incurring fixed costs.

We have innovative methods for monitoring and evaluating your social project


Operation and logistics

We execute the operational plan of the strategy of impact of the social and / or environmental project of the organizations. The operation includes training, empowerment of the beneficiary population and physical intervention of communities in the following areas related to social, economic and environmental development: family agroecology, access to clean energy, low cost construction, community infrastructure, biogas , local entrepreneurship, peace and reconciliation, school education, STEM girls and women, health and nutrition, among others.

Services for the outsourcing of social and environmental projects

Monitoring and evolution

Ensure in your social project objective and timely impact results, outsourcing with us the monitoring processes to the performance indicators, the processes of monitoring the management and evaluation of the results of the project. We use tracking models supported by robust statistical processes and scorecards that allow us to generate early alerts for decision making; in addition we provide qualitative and quantitative reports with telling and useful results depending on the impact strategy of your organization.

We have developed the operation of more than 80 social and environmental projects in 17 departments of Colombia.


Easily identify the people and institutions that will benefit from your social project.


Mapping and characterization of beneficiaries:

We support the processes of identification, characterization and diagnosis of the populations and ecosystems that will be beneficiaries of your social and / or environmental projects. Our goal is to ensure that you have quality information for decision making and the actual evaluation of the impact of the project.

We have developed the operation of more than 80 social and environmental projects in 17 departments of Colombia