What do we do?

Pacto planeta is a company born from the need to maximize and diversify the impact of organizations that develop social and environmental projects; we have structured a model of operation of outsourced processes for social projects, which allows our clients to implement their projects in more than 17 departments of Colombia and articulate their impact mission with other areas of development, mainly related to the environment, education, inclusion, peace, gender equality and health.

in a tweet:

"We facilitate a greater impact of your social organization, diversification of the portfolio and national coverage optimizing social investment"

What is our vision?

For 2020, to be the main operator in Colombia of the processes of social and environmental impact of foundations, business foundations, NGOs and organizations whose mission is oriented towards human development and protection of the environment. As a result of our mission, we work with passion to make it possible for a homogeneous distribution of social investment across the Colombian territory to be achieved by 2020, eliminating logistical barriers and contributing to a year-by- year reduction in the cost gap associated with the impact between large cities, small municipalities and rural regions.

How do we do it?

Our model unites the best of two worlds: the BPO model for the outsourcing of private sector business processes, along with the social impact measurement model based on the theory of change. Regardless of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčdevelopment encompassing the organizations (environment, social and economic development, health and welfare), their projects have a common goal: to maximize impact. In this sense, the mission of the operative model is to achieve the objective at the lowest cost, deferring logistical expenses between the segments of the demand associated with a territory, and optimally assigning the technical knowledge of the different areas of development between the global demand for projects.

Meet our team

Cristhian Verdugo
founder and CEO

Linda Correa
National project manager

Felipe Verdugo
Project professional on food security and agro-science

Claudia Torres
Projects Professional in health and nutrition

Johan Verdugo
Projects Professional in technology and renewable energies

Esteban Aguirre
Of projects Coordinator in sustainable infrastructure;

Eduar Tarazona
Project Coordinator on Climate Change and Ecosystems

Viviana Orjuela
Coordinator of pedagogy for sustainable development

Nicolas Socadagui
Audiovisual producer

Marco Aurelio
Works Coordinator

Alberto Landinez

Giovanni Salazar
Communications Coordinator

Jose Roa
Educational resource designer


Our experience is based on the reality of different communities in more than 150 municipalities and cities of Colombia, belonging to different ethnic groups: indigenous, Afro-descendants, mestizos and whites, population victims of violence and displacement; inhabitants of urban, rural and coastal areas.

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