Vegetable infrastructure

Wellness and quality of life

We design and build solutions in vegetated infrastructure that transform socially vulnerable urban environments into inspiring spaces, fostering community progress and consolidating human settlements in sustainable habitats. We use residential buildings, schools, community centers and public space as structures to support vertical gardens, green ceilings and eco-murals that allow to beautify the environment and improve the quality of life of people.

Climate action Sustainable cities
and communities
Reduced inequalities

Green Walls and Sustainable Communitiess

We transform depressed urban environments into sustainable habitats that generate well-being and quality of life for local communities. Through the construction of vertical gardens on facades of public space, community centers, schools and homes, we create a sense of belonging and commitment for sustainable development among the inhabitants of the community and its environment.

Ensure sustainable habitats for vulnerable populations!


Work areas

Green Walls | Green roofs | Eco-muralism

Adapt our communities to climate change!


Green roofs and adaptation to climate change

We adapt neighborhoods vulnerable to the challenges of climate change by redefining the concept and functionality of the roofs and roofs of buildings. We do it by coupling modules of plant material to the roof structure, facilitating the filtration and recovery of rainwater in winter season; in the same way this system works as a thermal insulation that reduces the interior temperature of the building in summer time.

Ecomuralism and environments of peace

The repressed and vulnerable environments in urban communities are the most sensitive foci for the development of conflicts and violence; poverty, inequality, insalubrity and discrimination overwhelmingly increase the probability of conflict between the community. For this reason we transform repressed spaces into living canvases that strengthen a culture of peace through art, plants and recycling.

Transform repressed environments into peaceful environments!